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Anritsu Corporation (アンリツ株式会社, Anritsu Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese multinational corporation in the telecommunications electronics equipment market. A global pioneer for producing the world's first wireless telephone network, Anritsu's revenue numbers near US$782 million.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management don't know what they are doing and wouldn't take advice from anyone below them. Always take credit for themselves"

Engineer says

"Management has held back the growth of the company and now are in a pit they can not dig out of. The best days of this company are behind them. No new products to sell that will make a difference."

Software Engineer says

"Legacy products are losing market share. Finances are very tight. Staff is cut back to the minimum. No incentives for past 3 years. Continual and reoccurring layoffs."

Senior Software Engineer says

"Worst Management - They don;t know how to run a company and make one of the worst management decisions. Excellent people get layoff everyday. Please don't ever work for this company, you will be decreasing your self confidence."


"Horrible management team, too much politics, no room to grow"

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Hard to get your commission checks."

Former Employee - Test Engineer says

"Everything that coincides with being a female! Good luck with having ideas that can produce high yields then approaching either your manager management , not only do you get let down they store it away and steel it as their own. Upper management lack intelligence innovative sh=kills as well as future outlook. Cannot go far in a cowpoke town, male dominated humpty dumpty's dishing their daily dose of discrimination that wont take you far. Where you saddle up rodeo style next to a bunch of good ole boys. This company is staffed with a bunch of corporate nitwits & business units full of dinosaurs!"

Software Engineer says

"worthless place, my manager was completely ignorant of everything that is going on in his own group. bunch of college graduates were running the show with lack of perspective. everybody seemed to be delusional there. very rigid and inconsiderate place. overall the very bad experience. will not recommend it."

. (Current Employee) says

"Long hours but the staff is what keeps you going, the management team are blinded on the day to day running's, it use to be a fun loving company but that was many years ago, sadly no career progression, and to work there is very thankless. Constant pressure, the company never meets its targets. Not sure how many years this company has left in Europe. Very slow to adapt.good holiday perksPoor Management, you are just a number"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Out of bay area and out of touch with reality of the industry. Never attracts or promotes or inspires talented engineers. Ensures losses every quarter and makes up by letting go of key people.easy going since they are not competitiveyou will never work on leading technologies"

RF Technician (Current Employee) says

"I am able to troubleshoot down to system level, and down to component level on PCBs of VNA systems. I can use Microsoft office to report my work. I am a fast learning, good RF/Microwave knowledge to perform my jobs."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The people are very nice but there are frequent layoffs and lack of job stability, it seemed the length of employment for most in my department was 2-3 years.relationships, team, good peoplelack of job security and good training"

Test Technician (Former Employee) says

"I had opportunities to improve my electronic back ground, the company benefit was not too bad when I start working for them;however, they have got worse last 7 years The company hired mostly new grads, and after few years these young people found new jobs. I had some good co-workers, and the most part I like this company was flexible hoursbig parking spaceHR people were very friendly and helpful"

Engineer/Developer/Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is way behind the times when it comes to technology. Their products rank last to their competitors. They have frequent lay-offs and only the long standing employees are remaining. Their are slow to hire new talent and not very in tune with the changes in technology. Most employees are only looking to retire on the declining companyGood BenefitsLack of technological innovation"

Regional Sales Manager (Carriers) says

"very bureaucratic and decisions take forever to be made.. you are expected to work extra hours as part of your job tasks. Large organization with innovative thinking.."

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good company with some market leading products. Work independently without micro-management. Company has a silo-ed divisional structure which narrows market focus and hinders cross divisional synergy. Tend to hire a lot of people in times when business is strong and lay off a lot of people when business declines. Some people have made long, profitable careers here."

Care Management / Team leadership (Current Employee) says

"Always fighting budget and cash flow constraints, working at Anritsu is quite challenging, only fittest could survive in such an environment. Changing of working position is necessary, which brings a lot of experience from different areas of product development, implementation and support."

Senior Validation Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Anritsu has great atmosphere of "team play". We all work as a great team and always willing to help out each other. My job is lucky to get involved in many people in many different locations/teams. We have busy period during deadline to meet our target but we enjoy working under pressure and you feel great achievment when deadline is passed and you complete your tarket on time. Overrall great compnay to work with nice people in Anritsu."

Customer Service Administrator (Current Employee) says

"this was a wonderful place to work where I learned a Lot except the eastern region is closing their offices in the coming year and I am not able to relocate at this time to the west coast."

Electronics Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was a good company! Learned to just be productive and get along. Management needs to focus on the Supervisors! Co-workers the friendliest Hardest part of the job! none Enjoyable - Having a job!!Profit Sharing, After work gatheringsnone"

Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Great Job Security. Human skill is well valued. Learning can be difficult but always interesting. Learning New Unique SkillsCould easily feel alienated if one does not learn quickly"